In Ladysmith & Stz'uminus, working as one ​CommUNITY Together to End Poverty.

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People experience poverty in different ways.


It could look like making decisions between which basic necessities are possible day by day, month by month. Rent or hydro? Internet or a cell phone? Medications or healthy food?


Since people are resilient and creative, poverty is often unseen or hidden. Many feel the stigma of living in poverty every day. They may feel too ashamed to ask for help or are fearful that they will be excluded from society, have their children taken away, or will be judged unfairly for needing help. 


Learn more about poverty

In the the first half of 2021, we engaged the community to learn what those living in poverty in the Ladysmith and Stz'uminus areas were experiencing and what is needed to create change. A Poverty Reduction Strategy was created based on the input from that engagement and was endorse by the Town of Ladysmith Council in September 2021. 


Each of us can make a difference in the lives of our neighbours 

This is our commUNITY – Together to End Poverty Hw-nuts'-ulwum (As One).


In 2019, the Province of British Columbia (BC) released its poverty reduction strategy: TogetherBC: British Columbia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy. The strategy sets targets to reduce overall poverty in BC by at least 25%, and the child poverty rate by at least 50%, by 2024.


The Province has provided $5 million over three years through the Poverty Reduction Planning & Action program to support local governments in helping to reduce poverty. As a result of this funding, the Town of Ladysmith received a grant to develop a plan, in partnership with Social Planning Cowichan and a Working Group, that sets both priority actions on poverty reduction and identifies actions specific to the needs of Ladysmith and Stz'uminus residents.


With your involvement, we heard about the issues of poverty in our community and together created an action plan to help make a difference for those in our community needing support.  You can read the Poverty Reduction Strategy here.